I have created multiple products and companies with the goal of providing delight and utility to others. I'm currently focused on building Seene Inc to help people create their own 3D content for VR, gaming and photography. I am also a cofounder of digital product incubation company Harmonypark, and the Grok Institute of Digital Art.

Product Design

My interest is focused on creating a greater connection between the digital and physical worlds that we inhabit. I'm a Webby Award winner in Net Art, Webby Honouree in Experimental and Innovative Mobile Product Design and Webby Nominee for Best Device Camera Usage. 

Human Computer Interaction

Helping people to perform complex tasks by making them simple, familiar and fun has been a consistent thread in my career. I have worked to help people capture the physical world in 3D, to manage and understand time as a perishable commodity, to improve group decision making and to design and develop digital content without knowing how to code. 

Mainstream mobile 3D scanning and photography


Seene uses computer vision algorithms to understand the world in 3D. The app has been downloaded 1.5 million times since its launch in October 2013. Our goal is to become the universal way people capture 3D content and put the data to work in photography, gaming and VR. We have offices in London and San Francisco. 


Seene WebGL Responsive Design desktop
Seene WebGL Responsive Design desktop
Seene WebGL Responsive Design tablet

Obvious Engineering is a research & development-driven computer vision software company with a focus on consumer products.

We have developed a portfolio of technologies for use on low-powered mobile devices in real-time applications. We enable these devices to locate themselves in space, map visual environments, and recreate in 3D what is seen through the camera, turning a standard smartphone into a 3D scanner without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing.

BBC Blast - Realtime web-controlled art-making robots

Andrew McPhee Culturengine BBC Blast
BBC Blast Studio Control System

Together with Nanika we created a series of art making robots that people could control via their web-browsers using simple on screen controls and live video streams. The project was commissioned by BBC and Fallon London. It ran for 45 days inside the Southbank Gallery in London. .  

Webby People's Voice Award for NetArt in 2010 
Webby Best Example of NetArt 2010
Cyber Lion at Cannes Advertising Festival 2009

Campaign BIG Award 2010


Unreleased - Procedural AR-T Creation Framework

3D Augmented Reality Art
3D Augmented Reality Art

An AR art making framework built in Unity and designed to attach 3D content and interaction to predefined physical objects. Devised as a series of patches that can be configured to create 3D primitives, add and select object textures, define interaction control (touch, movement, voice), and enable animation and evolution of content based upon user participation. The screenshots feature patches developed by digital artist Thomas Traum. This project is unreleased.